How Plastic Recycling Is Beneficial To Our Planet -

How Plastic Recycling Is Beneficial To Our Planet

Plastic is a material produced by us humans through use of fossil fuels, mainly petroleum. Our world was never designed naturally to deal with it. As plastics are not naturally occurring, there is no natural way to dispose them. The action of micro organisms on plastics is too slow. Studies have concluded that the time needed to decompose plastic buried in soil can last up to a thousand years.

Why Should You Choose To Make Plastic Bottle Recycling A Habit?
Why Should You Choose To Make Plastic Bottle Recycling A Habit?

That is why just dumping all the plastic bottles into a landfill after use is not an answer to all of your plastic waste management needs. We need to find a way to make sure that we take up the practice of plastic bottle recycling to ensure that there are no harmful effects to the planet from an issue we created for it.

What Are The Benefits Of Plastic Bottle Recycling?

Plastic bottles are one of the most used forms of plastic in our day to day lives. Whether it for holding your favourite drink or a bottle storing milk at the supermarket, plastic bottles have invaded our lives and made themselves a part of almost every aspect of our lives. But plastic is something that our planet isn’t accustomed to deal with. This is why we also need to work to ensure that we are taking care of the mess we make through plastic bottle recycling.

When we recycle plastic bottles, we make savings in terms of energy. Moreover, we can use this energy in production of plastic bottles from scratch. Recycling means we are not producing new plastic bottles and hence we are not ending up releasing a huge amount of pollutants in the air from the manufacturing process. There is a drastic drop in the amount of greenhouse gasses being released into our atmosphere. We also save on the amount of fossil fuels which are needed to be spent in making plastic bottles.

Plastic Bottle Recycling In Daily Lives

For the amount of plastic used in our daily lives, these savings play a huge role in determining the rate at which we consume our available fossil fuel reserves. The demand for plastic is increasing with every passing day. So much so that the current global supply of plastic exceeds the amount of new plastic produced in the world today. This is one of the leading factors why recycling plastic bottles is a crucial practice and should be a part of our daily lives.

Danger Of Plastic Bottles

Some estimates say that about a third of the total plastics used by us end up in soil or freshwater sources. Plastic bottles are known to constitute a huge portion of this. This is a big concern as the plastics will cause pollution to both the land and the water in the region and cause adverse effects for the local environment of the area. Recycling plastic bottles means there are less number of plastic bottles which we should produce. Hence there is less chance of them ending where they don’t belong.

Why Should You Choose To Make Plastic Bottle Recycling A Habit?
Why Should You Choose To Make Plastic Bottle Recycling A Habit?
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