Recycling Electronic Equipment: The Complete Guide For You

Recycling Electronic Equipment: The Complete Guide For You

Recycling Electronic Equipment

Our society is full of turnover from electronic devices as new technologies are replacing obsolete devices. So, older devices are becoming irrelevant, and sometimes they wear out due to time. And after all, today’s electronics’ lifespan is also not for use for decades after decades. Therefore, the need for recycling electronic equipment has risen to keep the e-waste away from the environment.

E-waste means all types of electronic waste parts that can’t serve their purpose anymore. It can be an outdated computer, a VCR, or any phones, etc. and devices that has no relevance to their owner. With time they accumulate and become the electronic waste that clutters any area. And interestingly, it is possible to recycle the e-waste 100%. So, let’s know something about recycling electronic equipment.

Complete Guide To Recycling Electronic Equipment
Recycling Electronic Equipment: The Complete Guide For You

Recycling Electronic Equipment: Donate It

Is your device still in functional condition? Then you can donate the equipment to those who may get benefitted from them. You can opt for various charities that can use the device or else after fixing, resell the device. You will be doing greater good for these organizations. Also, by donating to any school, library, or any non-profit program, you may also get a tax break on the coming year’s tax return. So, when your devices are in working condition, and you just want to switch to newer ones, donate the previous lots.

Tech Companies Can Recycle It

The second option of recycling electronic equipment is to give those back to tech companies from where you have purchased. There are various electronic retailers and tech firms that offer recycling programs for their customers. Many companies also offer some incentives for recycling devices. You can trade-in your old device for the new model of the same company. And here you will get some price cut. Some tech firms have their sites where you can send your technology for recycling.  

Recycling Electronic Equipment: Bring It To Recyclers

There are lots of recycling electronic equipment that requires different treatment than others. You can always get electronic recyclers near your areas like municipal recycling, national program recycling, private recycling, etc. 

Before Recycling The Electronics Do This

So, you have decided to recycle your device. Then you will want to backup all the important information before giving it away for recycling. Also, as your device may get into the wrong hand, you would like to delete all the personal and private data from the device ASAP. Some organizations may offer you to wipe your devices. However, you should be sure that no information is leaked, and hence clearing them by yourself is better.

Guide For Recycling Electronic Equipment
Recycling Electronic Equipment: The Complete Guide For You
  • Have Backup Of Your Data

Never forget to backup all your data, documents, and pictures either into your external hard drive or cloud. You would want to transfer the information to your new device for future use.

  • Remove Attached Storage

Of course, your device shouldn’t contain any storage when you are about to recycle the electronic equipment. It includes your card readers, DVD drives, USB ports, and floppy drives. You should remove those items before giving them up for recycling. For example, remove the memory card from a smartphone, digital camera, or media player as they hold lots of your data.

  • Disconnecting The Device From Online Accounts

When you have some electronic devices of this era, you probably have connected it to lots of online accounts. So, you must ensure that any new owner can’t get access to these accounts. It is important to remotely delete the entry of the device from those online accounts. If there are apps, you can log out from those apps immediately. Then go to “remove used devices” and clear all login data. Your data will be safe and secure as you ready your electronics for recycling.

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