Why is plastic recycling a good idea for the health of our planet?

Why is plastic recycling a good idea for the health of our planet?

How To Do Bottle Recycling?

The trend of recycling things has been on a rise lately. More and more communities across the world are becoming aware and educated upon recycling and how it can help sustain our planet better. Our world was not designed naturally to deal with plastics. It is a material produced by us humans through use of fossil fuels, mainly petroleum. As plastics are not naturally occurring, there is no natural way to dispose them. The action of micro organisms on plastics is extraordinarily slow. Studies have concluded that the time needed to decompose plastic buried in soil can last up to a thousand years.

This is what happens with the plastics which we don’t dispose properly and end up in a landfill. As they cannot be broken down quickly, they stay and pollute the soil for years. Some estimates say that about a third of the total plastics used by us end up in soil or freshwater sources. This is a big concern as the plastics will cause pollution to both the land and the water in the region and cause adverse effects for the local environment of the area. Hence, we need better ways to dispose plastic than dumping it into the landfills. This is where plastic recycling comes into play.

The benefits of choosing plastic recycling

One of the biggest reasons to recycle plastics is that the recycling process takes up to sixty six percent less energy to make, say a bottle, than it takes to do the same task using basic core materials needed in production of plastics. Some estimates say that when you are producing a ton of plastic bottles through the process of recycling plastic, then the amount of oil you save in the process can amount to about the quantity of four barrels. That is almost 168 gallons or 636 litres of oil!

For the amount of plastic used in our daily lives, these savings play a huge role in determining the rate at which we consume our available fossil fuel reserves. Recycling plastic helps you save natural resources. Which would otherwise been spent on the production of new plastic. The demand for plastic is increasing with every passing day. So much so that the current global supply of plastic exceeds the amount of new plastic produced in the world today. This makes the use of recycling plastics even more important as this helps us meet the demand for plastic which we are facing. What’s more, when you recycle that one ton worth of plastic you save over five and a half cubic meters worth of space in the landfills. This space can be used for biodegradable wastes or other waste that we are not having efficient ways to dispose of yet. All this while preventing the pollution of our environment. Recycling plastics also helps cut down the amount of green house gas emissions which happens in the manufacturing process of plastic

Why is plastic recycling a good idea for the health of our planet?

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